*Tips are not legal advice.

What Eggs Should I Add?

Anything you “own” deserves an egg. Whether you’re leasing or own – keep track of it.

You’ll notice that we provided a simple menu to cover types of vehicles, but you’re not limited to those. Here are some example vehicles to consider including in your eggacy account:

  • Car
  • Motorcycle
  • Boat
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Jet Ski
  • Off-road Vehicles
  • Aircraft
  • Anything else you ride or want to keep track of in this basket


What Files & Info Cards Should I Add?

Anything that you can think of that pertains to the ownership or maintenance or storage of your vehicle. Here are just some examples to kick-start your thinking:

  • loan or lean information / documentation
  • mechanic or service department
  • Service Records
  • storage location / account
  • picture of your vehicle registration (including VIN)
  • Your drivers license (maybe a picture) for reference
  • Your license plate (for when you’re parking at a hotel so you don’t have to run out)
  • Anything else you can think of that’ll be useful to you (or someone who has to clean up after you)


What Extra Information Should I leave in Case of Emergency?

If you think your loved ones may need information on how to resolve vehicle matters, or special instructions to start them, then add that information here.

This is not intended to take the place of a will. If you have wishes for vehicles that you own, we recommend creating a will and including it in your legal basket.


Tips for Reconciling:

If the vehicle(s) in question was owned outright by your loved one, then the terms of the will should regulate what happens and how. If not, then the first thing to do will be to review the terms of the lease or loan to see if there are any baked in policies about termination.

Ultimately, you’ll end up contacting the lein-holder to resolve the matter – either to take over the loan or to revise it or to terminate it and return the vehicle.

Note that we also recommend that you contact the DMV to let them know about your loved one so that they can update their vehicle registration and notification system. If you end up taking over the title of a vehicle, that will be good to have squared away before you contact them.


*Tips are provided to simply kick-start your thinking. They are NOT legal advice and we recommend that you consult an attorney if you have any questions about estate planning or living trusts or any such matters.