What is EggacyPLUS?

Let’s start with what you get for FREE with Eggacy

Allows up to 2 Eggs per Basket

These are the things you need to keep track of within a topic area

Allows up to 2 Info Cards per Egg

These are the peripheral items that pertain to an Egg – like account or contact information

Allows unlimited Keyholders

These are the people who would have access to your information if anything were to happen to you

Allows unlimited Love Notes

When you’re gone, these notes let folks know how much you appreciate them

EggacyPLUS subscribers get everything included with the free version PLUS:

The ability to add UNLIMITED Eggs

Keep track of as many Eggs as you want… the more the better!!

The ability to add UNLIMITED Info Cards

Unlimited information to go with your unlimited Eggs!!

The ability to attach multiple FILES to Eggs

You can attach all kinds of things… like word docs, PDFs, pictures, etc…

The ability to attach multiple FILES to Info Cards

Want to add even more information to your Info Cards? Attach it!!

The ability to attach FILES to Love Notes

Want to make your Love Notes even more personal? Attach something special 🙂

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