*Tips are not legal advice.

What Eggs Should I Add?

You should create a different egg for each critter.

You’ll notice that we provided a simple menu some of the more common pets but there’s also room to get creative. Here are some example pets to consider including in your eggacy account:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Reptile
  • Horse
  • Rabbit
  • Fish
  • Anything else you own or want to keep track of in this basket

Note – if you have more than one fish or reptile that require the same sort of care – then feel free to list the together rather than a separate egg for each of your 11 goldfish.


What Files & Info Cards Should I Add?

Anything that you can think of that pertains to the care of your pet. Here are just some examples to kick-start your thinking:

  • Veterinary Contact Information
  • Medications
  • Vaccination Records
  • Ownership / Tag Records
  • Kennel
  • Special Care Instructions
  • Anything else you can think of that’ll be useful to you (or someone who has to clean up after you)

Note – if you have included your pets in your will, that makes the most sense BUT if not, then you may want to outline a simple instruction in their egg. You can mention who they know or favorite treats so it’s easier to manage them.


What Extra Information Should I leave in Case of Emergency?

We outlined it a bit above – but it’s worth repeating. If you spend a little extra time outlining transition thoughts per pet, that’ll make them easier to manage. For example – you can repeat what’s in your will – “Betsy the Cat goes to my sister Jane as it says in the will.”

You can also mention ideas on how to make the transition easier for your pet(s) – “Betsy loves her little mouse toy (which is in the drawer by the sink) and some extra cuddle time”

If you can think of anything else your loved ones may need to know, then these pet eggs are the place to keep it.


Tips for Reconciling:

We are so sorry for your loss and for the loss of those pets. We understand that the world has pretty-much ended for them (unless of course they’re cats, in which case they may not notice;)

We recommend that you, first and foremost, consider safety – to yourself and to your animals. If you think they might not respond well, then it’s worth contacting an expert (perhaps animal control or their vet) for assistance.

Once you feel like it’s safe to proceed, then go through the eggs in this basket and, if applicable, follow instructions on ownership transfer here (or in the will).

Remember that, for larger animals like dogs / cats / horses, you may need to contact your local department of animal control to update ownership records. This is something the pet’s vet may also be able to assist with.

Finally – we encourage you to print out all the information in your loved one’s eggs since their account will only be online for about a few months.


*Tips are provided to simply kick-start your thinking. They are NOT legal advice and we recommend that you consult an attorney if you have any questions about estate planning or living trusts or any such matters.