Being in the military during these volatile times can be scary, especially for your family. That’s why we feel the best gift you could ever give your loved ones is the peace of mind knowing that if something should ever happen to you, they would be taken care of. That’s the reason why we created Eggacy.

Use Eggacy to keep track of ALL your stuff. Things like:

  • Your house
  • Your vehicles
  • Your pets
  • Your finances
  • You life Insurance
  • Your living trust
  • Your social media accounts

You get the picture…

Add important information to your stuff using Info Cards:

  • Account info (like login/passwords)
  • Auto insurance info
  • Mortgage or landlord info
  • Veterinarian info
  • Contacts
  • Work info
  • Credit card and debt info
  • Health info

Anything you can think of that’ll be useful to you and your loved ones.

Other great Eggacy features include the ability to leave “Love Notes” (that can only be viewed by the receiver once you are gone), as well as a section called “My Story” – where you can do things like add journal entries or list your favorite foods, music, movies, trips, etc.

Show your loved ones you care about them. Create your Eggacy account today!

It’s super easy… and it’s FREE!!

Don’t leave a mess, leave a legacy. Use Eggacy!

What are you waiting for? You’re not getting any younger 😉