We have two main goals at Eggacy – we want to help you keep track of your stuff in as simple a manner as necessary AND we want to keep you (and your eggs) safe! To that end, we’ve hired a small army of mystical warrior bunnies surrounding an acid-moat that appears only once per 100 years (Brigadoon style) and only YOU know the time and place and secret handshake to gain access.

In other words, Everything you put into your Eggacy is confidential. Nobody gets in unless you give them the keys!

For you nerds who want more details:

  • Encrypted Secure Socket Transmission
  • Multi-Factor Access
  • Single-Point Development Protocol
  • …and we’re constantly updating

IMPORTANT NOTE: EVEN IF YOU DON’T TRUST MACHINES, EGGACY IS STILL USEFUL! We encourage you to ONLY add the information you feel comfortable adding. You and your loved ones will ABSOLUTELY benefit from Eggacy even withOUT passwords or account details. We have places (fields) where you can point your loved ones to OTHER locations (physical, professional services, etc) to find those more sensitive items that are not spelled out explicitly here. Contact us with any questions.