Nope. HOWEVER it can be used as a compliment to your estate plans. If you have any sort of noteworthy assets (that need to be carefully protected), and/or a family, and/or sticky circumstances, then please contact your attorney. Remember that different items, and ownership arrangements, and states, and relationship statuses, and other circumstances ARE ALL part of your well thought-out estate plan. Eggacy is intended to support the estate planning process by helping to keep things organized (and in a digital format so they’re accessible from anywhere & anytime – like in an emergency when they’re needed). AND, Eggacy can help facilitate notifications and information sharing among your loved ones. That said – if you don’t have an estate plan, then creating an Eggacy account and using it to keep track of all your eggs is a FANTASTIC IDEA! If you need an attorney, Eggacy can help connect you to someone in your area… or browse through our network of EGGsperts.