Emergency Access

If you are in an emergency such as incapacitation (meaning you need help and are not coherent or capable enough to provide information for yourself), or after you’re deceased, a Keyholder can log in to their Keys basket and click on your name under the “KEYS TO OTHER PEOPLE’S ACCOUNTS” section.

After clicking on your name, the Keyholder will get a pop-up where they can click on the red “EMERGENCY ACCESS” button which will then allow them to immediately view your Health basket (where they can find Health related documents such as a POLST). After a 24-hour waiting period (for security purposes) the Keyholder will then have access to all the other eggs in all the other baskets.

NOTE: A Keyholder will not be able to view your Love Notes (which is a basket containing private messages left for others) OR your other Keyholders.

If you are a Keyholder and have lost your loved one, we are sorry and we’re here to help!

There are tips within each Basket for reconciliation.  There are also other articles and advice from our Eggsperts (click a category on the right to access those).  Finally, you can CONTACT US if you need someone to talk to OR if you want us to help connect you to experts near you.