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Organize Your Stuff and Protect your Loved Ones at the same time

Don’t leave a mess.
Leave a legacy.

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Don’t leave a mess.
Leave a legacy.

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Organize Your Stuff and Protect your Loved Ones at the same time!




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Answer a few easy questions:

Fill out as much or as little as you want! 10 categories to organize life’s eggs.

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If anything happens to you, they’ll be grateful for a clean list of your important information.

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Keep your eggs FRESH! It’s convenient for you AND critical for your Loved Ones.


“How secure is my data in Eggacy?”

Everything you put into your Eggacy is confidential. Nobody gets in unless you give them the keys!

Eggacy employs the most up-to-date processes to insure your data is safe and SECURE, including:

  • Database Encryption
  • Secure Socket Transmission
  • Multi-Factor Access
  • Single-Point Development Protocol
  • …and we’re constantly updating

“What if I don’t trust storing my sensitive data online?”

Even if you’re the type of person that doesn’t like to store sensitive information online, Eggacy is still a great tool for you, as well as those you love in case of an emergency!

You can choose to just store standard, non-sensitive information about your stuff like:

  • Your bank and what kind of accounts you have
  • Your auto insurance company
  • Your mortgage company or landlord contact info
  • Your pet’s veterinarian
  • Your life insurance company info
  • And so on… whatever you choose to add that can be helpful to you now AND make it
  • easier for loved ones to reconcile your stuff should something happen to you.

upgrade to add more stuff:

You can upgrade to Eggacy Plus any time to add additional info, files, and more for just







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